UI/UX Design


Pixar App Mockup

The Pixar app allows users to represent arguably the most successful studio of all time on their home screens. Practical uses include fewer and quicker steps to purchase and rental downloads, easy access to feature film trailers, and keeping up to date with the latest Pixar news. Additional features include purchasing short films and viewing behind the scenes videos from Pixar.com. Feel free to view the sitemap below.


All images in this mockup are from Pixar.com.


Chicago Bulls App Mockup

A surprising number of American pro sports teams are still without official mobile apps. Sports fans on the go who want to quickly check scores of their favorite teams do not wish to embark on the tedious journey through web browser applications or downloading secondary apps of pro sports leagues and scrolling through the tiny box scores in search of their favorite teams. Users want to press one button and see the score. Update: I created this simple app mockup and description on October 3, 2013. The Chicago Bulls eventually launched an official app on January 2, 2014. You can view it on their website or download it here for iOS.

Click the second phone to view a larger image.


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